Monday, July 28, 2008

Alan's Wheels (courtesy WAMC's listeners)

WAMC's CEO, Alan Chartock, drives this late-model SUV, a Subaru Forester - L.L. Bean edition. Note the New York State license plate -- CJC1731 -- registered to WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Inc.. (Click image to enlarge.)

Thanks to an observant Pirate, Alan S. Chartock's WAMC-owned SUV, a late-model Subaru Forester - L.L. Bean edition, was recently spotted parked at the Austerlitz Blueberry Festival where Alan's musical group The Berkshire Ramblers were reported to have made an appearance.

If you see this car around the Berkshires -- or at night parked in The Chartocks' Hollenbeck Avenue driveway in Great Barrington -- please feel free to say hi to the driver (or, if parked, just leave a note on the windshield or on The Chartocks' front door).
Another view of the same Subaru Forester parked in the 'Performers' Parking' area at the Austerlitz Blueberry Festival where Alan Chartock and his musical group, The Berkshire Ramblers, were reported to have played. Note the Subaru dealer's name on the license plate frame,, which is located at 1754 Central Avenue, Albany, just down the street from WAMC Northeast Public Radio's 318 Central Avenue studio. (Click image to enlarge.)

Politely remind 'Herr Doktor' that this vehicle is supposed to be garaged 42 miles away in New York State, where it is registered to WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

Don't forget also to ask the free-loading little ex-professor just who is paying for his ride, and for the $4 per gallon gasoline used to drive it around to blueberry festivals, on personal errands, and for all that other non-WAMC-related monkey business!
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