Friday, March 16, 2012

'W-2' Documents Chartock Chauffeur's WAMC Employment

Document Source: Joshua Cohen
(Click on Image to Enlarge)
The pictured IRS Form 'W-2' is conclusive proof that Joshua Cohen was employed at WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Inc. as documented in the article entitled, "Tax Cheat! - How Alan Chartock conspired with WAMC to avoid paying IRS".

Amongst his many tasks at WAMC, Mr. Cohen was assigned the duty of being CEO Alan S. Chartock's personal chauffeur, all at company expense.

Please note that the Employer Identification Number shown for WAMC on Mr. Cohen's W-2 Form -- "No. 22-240059300" -- matches the employer ID number found on WAMC's latest filed IRS Form 990 - 'Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax' , available for viewing on
SEE: WAMC's Fiscal 2010 - IRS Form 990

Also please note, Mr. Cohen's street address at the time in Albany, New York has been blurred by the editor at Mr. Cohen's request.

"It's like income tax evasion. I am scared to death that if I were to do anything wrong, I would be the one guy in a million who got caught, despite the fact that I believe I ought to pay my share of our taxes. We all know that very few tax cheats get caught." --- Alan S. Chartock - Blog, June 20, 2005.

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