Thursday, April 07, 2005

Topic: Why don't dues-paying listeners have voting privileges to elect WAMC-FM's trustees?

The Pirates think it's because the self-righteous Liberals who run the station don't trust that members will elect the 'right' people to the board. If you can provide a better explanation, we'd like to hear it!
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Topic: WAMC-FM's on-air 'Political Commentary'.

Is WAMC-FM's on-air 'political commentary' balanced, or does it carry a bias?
If so, what type of bias, and how much of one?
What changes would you like to see made in order to make the station's on-air 'political commentary' better or more insightful?
Should a publicly-supported, not-for-profit radio station be in the business of offering 'political commentary' in the first place?
Is 'political commentary' the same as editorializing?
Is the totality of WAMC-FM's political commentaries generally balanced between left and right (or whatever political labels one assigns, e.g.: Democrat/Republican; Liberal/Conservative; Blue/Red; etc.)? -- Credit to Brian for raising this question.
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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Topic: WAMC Performing Arts Studio and Linda Norris Auditorium

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Topic: WAMC-FM's Web site.

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Topic: WAMC-FM's salaries.

At not-for-profit radio station WAMC-FM, are executive salaries too high, too low, or about right?
Are staff salaries too high, too low, or about right?
Should executives (or staff) at not-for-profits expect to be paid the same scale as executives (or staff) at for-profit companies?
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Topic: WAMC-FM's On-Air Personalities.

Who should stay, who should go, who should improve, who should be hired (or persuaded) to come on-board?
And please state why?
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Topic: What I'd really like to discuss here.

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Topic: I heard this on WAMC-FM today!!!

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Topic: WAMC-FM's finances.

WAMC-FM's Management regularly says that it has only a month's operating expenses in the bank. Management took in revenues of $5.5 million this past year (Fiscal 2004) . Management also keeps buying more radio stations.
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Topic: What works well at WAMC-FM? What doesn't?

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Topic: Miscellaneous -- Pot Luck!

You name the topic.
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Topic: Is WAMC-FM well managed?

Are not-for-profit WAMC-FM's company assets being managed responsibly and/or wisely?
Have there been instances -- that you are aware of -- of wasteful spending?
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Topic: Programming -- What's good? What's not?

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Topic: On-air fundraisers.

What dollar goal should be set (how much money should be raised) at WAMC-FM's on-air fundraisers.
Should fundraisers be held less - or more - frequently than the present 3x annually?
How much do you think it should take to run a not-for-profit radio station?
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Topic: WAMC-FM's Corporate Governance.

Are WAMC-FM's dues-paying members being taken for granted?
Are dues-paying members entitled to elect the station's board-of-trustees and its corporate officers?
What should be done to change the status-quo?
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Topic: Sexual Harassment at WAMC-FM.

Please attempt to stay within the bounds of good taste in your comments on this topic. The 'Blogger' software does allow The Pirate 'blog' editor to edit out words and phrases, but The Pirates prefer not to have to resort to any form of censorship. Therefore, if it is necessary to indicate names of people who have been subject to harassment, please use either initials only, or astericks (*) in lieu of letters. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Topic: Congressman Charlie!!

The following letter was sent via e-mail to U.S. Congressman Charles Bass (R-NH) following his recent appearance on WAMC-FM's Congressional Corner, a daily segment within The RoundTable program.
Your feedback appreciated.

Subject: Hey Charlie!!!!
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 11:44:51
From: "WAMC Northeast Pirate Network, G. M. Heller, editor"
Organization: WAMC Northeast Pirate Network

Dear Charlie (See how inappropriate it is to be addressing you in this fashion?),
I heard your interview on WAMC-FM with interviewer Alan Chartock.
I just wish Mr. Chartock would refer to you on-air as 'Congressman Bass.'
I never hear Tim Russert, George Stephanopolous, or Bob Schieffer referring to their respective Sunday morning TV guests on-air by first names.
When a Congressman is being interviewed on local radio, I similarly do not think first name familiarity is appropriate.
To me, it not only takes away from the office, but over the long term it is demeaning to the office holder.
Be honest: Would you expect to hear Mr. Chartock go on-air and address Senator Kennedy as Ted or Teddy?
I doubt it.
Thus, if you would not expect to hear Senator Kennedy addressed on-air in that fashion, why is it okay for Charlie to be addressed on-air that way?
Get my drift, Congressman?
Very truly yours,
G. M. Heller, editor
WAMC Northeast Pirate Network
Monterey, MA
Washington, D.C.

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